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Enhance the efficiency of your top of funnel interview screens with HeyMilo’s Gen AI powered voice agents - engineered for engaging two-way candidate interviews.

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Scale your recruiting team and Identify top talent Faster

Quickly interview and evaluate candidates at scale and spend time with the right candidates, reducing the financial impact of lengthy interview cycles.

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with traditional methods

"HeyMilo has enabled us to interview candidates at scale which has increased our productivity as a business tenfold."

Patrick Waites
Co-Founder, Coltech Global

We go beyond a one way video recorded interview

HeyMilo delivers precise two-way conversational interviews and deep candidate insights, fast-tracking your high volume hiring at a fraction of your current costs.

Configure HeyMilo to your needs

We’ll read your job description and determine what questions should be asked and how candidates should be evaluated. 

You can edit and add to these questions as desired.

HeyMilo adapts with the interview

As candidates respond to questions, HeyMilo adapts and asks appropriate follow-up questions - diving deeper into a candidate’s skills or clarifying ambiguities in their responses.

Real-time candidate insights

Once interviews are complete, HeyMilo evaluates candidates in a fair and objective manner, helping you more fairly identify the right candidate for your role.

Conversational AI meets objective interviews at scale

Test the capabilities of HeyMilo with up to 10 free interviews. Discover firsthand how HeyMilo can be a force-multiplier for your company.

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Frequently Asked

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Can Milo detect cheating?

Yes, when it comes to technical interviews, we utilize an active proctoring layer, an AI-classifier, and more to detect cheating. We provide a trust score that indicates the likelihood of cheating.

How do job applicants feel about an AI-agent?

82% of candidates report that they prefer an initial phone screen with our AI-agent than a recruiter. The reason? The majority felt they could talk in more detail about their experiences without facing as much judgement.

How are candidates objectiely scored?

Each question has a reviewable and objective evaluation criteria tailored to your desired role. Once Milo begins screening candidates, each interview is automatically transcribed and analyzed with the evaluation criteria.

Additionally, we leverage third-party information to review evaluations and ensure that they are bias-free.

What’s included in my report?

Each screening produces a detailed report which includes the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, an assessment of their relevant skills, and respective scores. Milo also highlights the candidate's additional skills.The final report can be downloaded in PDF format.

Can I use my own voice in interviews?

Yes, you can! Milo can be set up with your voice to conduct interviews.

Several users have already opted for this feature.