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how it works

Interviewing that's easier, faster, more effective!

Here’s 3 simple steps how HeyMilo works to boost you recruiting workflow

Create and share agents

Create agents based on your role and hiring needs

  • Create an agent based on questions we recommend from your job posting

  • Got your own questions and evaluation criteria? Import them and get started in minutes

  • Easily invite candidates to complete an interview

autonomous interview by agents

Agents that interview like a recruiter/hiring manager

  • Interviews are conversational and interactive

  • Agent adapts based on candidates responses and intelligently dives deeper into a candidate's skills

Analyze Interviews

Real-Time candidate insights

  • Get a report after each completed interview on a candidate’s fit for the role

  • Dive deeper into each candidate with interview recordings and a comprehensive breakdown on how they scored on each question

  • Share relevant candidates with team-mates/clients

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Seamlessly integrate with your existing recruiting stack

No need to replace your existing workflow. HeyMilo sits on top of whatever recruiting tools you currently use


Hear from some of our customers

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“HeyMilo has allowed us to interview candidate’s we weren’t able to get to before..I couldn't find a comparable solution that could interview as effectively and evaluate candidate with no intervention”
Hiring Manager at Intershop
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“HeyMilo is a bit of a game-changer for us. It's allowed us to scale our interviews and increase productivity ten-fold”
Founder/CEO) @ Coltech Global Staffing

Hear from candidates who’ve interviewed with HeyMilo

The AI interview with HeyMilo was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It was engaging and interactive, and I felt truly heard. This technology definitely has the potential to revolutionize hiring.

Operations Managers candidate

I was impressed by the agents ability to dive deeper into my responses. Often times, recruiters aren't able to go that deep on my technical knowledge.

Software Engineering Candidate

As someone who gets nervous during interviews, HeyMilo’s AI interview was a great solution. It felt more like a conversation than a test, which helped me relax and perform better

Tax Accountant Candidate

The best part about using HeyMilo was the personalized experience. The AI adjusted questions based on my responses, making the interview feel tailored to my skills and experience. It was a great experience

Marketing Manager Candidate

I appreciated how HeyMilo provided a fair and unbiased assessment. The AI interview allowed me to showcase my abilities without the usual pressures of a traditional interview setting

Data Analyst Candidate

I was impressed by the agents ability to dive deeper into my responses. Often times recruiters aren’t able to go that deep on my technical knowledge

Software Engineering candidate

I appreciated how HeyMilo allowed me to interview with the company and go beyond what I just had on my resume. The way the agent was able to conversate back and forth is unlike anything I’ve seen

Business development rep candidate

One of my biggest challenges is interviewing at a time that works for me and the recruiter. With HeyMilo I’m able to interview during off-hours and the actual interview feels like you’re interviewing with an actual recruiter.

Traveling Nurse Candidate
Average candidate satisfaction score - 4.6/5