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Meet Milo, the AI breakthrough that conducts interviews at scale and sounds just like a human. Milo boasts perfect recall and adaptive questioning, ensuring no detail gets overlooked.

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HeyMilo has saved our teams hours from having to conduct interviews, without sacrificing candidate satisfaction. It's the recruiting assistant we've been looking for!

Mike Maffei
President @ AlediumHR

Check Out Our Success!

At HeyMilo, our AI-powered voice agents have revolutionized the candidate screening process.

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Candidate Satisfaction
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Listen to HeyMilo conduct phone screens end-to-end

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How Milo Works

Using AI technology, Milo engages candidates in dynamic two-way conversations.

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Create Your Role

Define your role and attributes using heyMilo's interface. Craft tailored questions for seamless screening.

Invite Applicants

Effortlessly invite applicants via heyMilo. Personalized invitations let candidates engage with AI-powered agents, showcasing skills naturally.

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Objectively Evaluate Candidates

heyMilo's voice agents spark dynamic conversations, uncovering insights beyond resumes. AI analysis ensures bias-free, comprehensive evaluations.

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Invite Applicants

Effortlessly invite applicants via heyMilo. Personalized interviews allow candidates to engage naturally with AI-powered agents.

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Insightful Candidate Reports

Access detailed candidate reports capturing interactions. Gain insights into communication, problem-solving, and cultural alignment, enabling informed decisions and streamlined selection.

Unlock The HeyMilo Advantage

Experience Seamless Candidate Screening

Reclaim Your Time ⏳

Eliminate resume sifting, scheduling nightmares, and lengthy interviews.

Milo is always available, allowing recruiters to free up precious hours to focus on identifying the right talent.

Expert In Your Corner 🎯

Milo is trained with proprietary data to effectively screen the right candidates.

With adaptive questioning, Milo can tailor interviews to meet your screening needs.

Evaluation At Scale ️⚡

Unbiased scoring that's configurable, enabling fair, scalable candidate evaluations at lightning speed.

Our advanced technology ensures consistent assessment, leveling the playing field for all while expediting screening.

Frequently asked questions

Clearing Up Common Queries: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Can Milo detect cheating?

Yes, when it comes to technical interviews, we utilize an active proctoring layer, an AI-classifier, and more to detect cheating. We provide a trust score that indicates the likelihood of cheating.

How do job applicants feel about an AI-agent?

82% of candidates report that they prefer an initial phone screen with our AI-agent than a recruiter. The reason? The majority felt they could talk in more detail about their experiences without facing as much judgement.

How are candidates objectively scored? 

Each question has a reviewable and objective evaluation criteria tailored to your desired role. Once Milo begins screening candidates, each interview is automatically transcribed and analyzed with the evaluation criteria.

Additionally, we leverage third-party information to review evaluations and ensure that they are bias-free.

What's included in my report?

Each screening produces a detailed report which includes the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, an assessment of their relevant skills, and respective scores. Milo also highlights the candidate's additional skills.

The final report can be downloaded in PDF format.

Can I use my own voice for interviews?

Yes, you can! Milo can be set up with your voice to conduct interviews.

Several users have already opted for this feature.

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