HeyMilo and Sapia.ai are Changing the Game in Candidate Screening - A Detailed Comparison

In today’s modern world, manually recruiting a well-qualified and well-rounded candidate is one of the most challenging tasks for a company. Learn how HeyMilo and Sapia.ai have changed recruiting, and compare their features.
Rachel Valentino
June 21, 2024
HeyMilo and Sapia.ai are Changing the Game in Candidate Screening - A Detailed Comparison

Today's world keeps progressing daily, especially in terms of technological platforms. When it comes to talking about recruitment, organizations face a lot of hard challenges while hiring the perfect candidate manually from thousands of applications. As this task is any organization's top priority, it's important to perform it efficiently, and to do so, many of them have shifted towards installing candidate screening tools such as HeyMilo and Sapia.ai. In this specific article, we will discuss each of their strengths.


First, Let's discuss the most well-known AI candidate screening tool, HeyMilo. This AI Recruiting software is specially designed dynamically to conduct voice interviews and hire the best-matched candidate. It has made hiring managers' tasks quite easy as it gives results in less time with zero errors. Tech experts believe that HeyMilo has changed the candidate screening method, and it will continue developing. Some of its great features related to candidate assessment are mentioned below:

Interactive Interviews

The best thing about HeyMilo is that the AI interview practice involves human and technical communication to make the candidate's experience more interactive and productive. The questions asked during the process are based on each candidate's skill set and job description.

Zero Repetitive Questioning

The next feature entails zero repetitive and pre-set questions, meaning that each question asked during the interview process is personalized to the candidate's responses. It also helps in highlighting the major skills in each one of them.

Quick and Efficient Results

Let's not forget that the main thing that persuaded company owners to shift toward HeyMilo is its quick and efficient response delivery. It has eliminated the factor of manually checking every resume and then conducting lengthy interviews to save the recruiter's time and effort.

Fair Scoring

Most people are concerned about the results provided by the recruitment bot, i.e., HeyMilo. But you don't have to worry, as it specializes in providing scores with zero subjective biases. Due to its fair scoring, the candidate's confidence also gets boosted.


While on the other hand, we have another amazing AI recruiting software known as Sapia.ai. It is well-known for its advanced text-based interview feature. Some of its main strengths are mentioned below:

Text-Based Interviews

For people who are more comfortable with text-based chatting interviews, sapia.ai is made for them. It ensures that the candidate answers questions with a unique approach through texting.

Interviews Based on Criteria

Sapia.ai performs interviews by considering the skills and qualifications criteria set in the job description and the candidates. It helps in only asking relevant questions.

Unbiased Language Signal Analysis

The text-based interviews ensure zero to minimal biases related to audio-video signals. It can extract language signals based on the candidate's response.

Comparison between Real-Time Voice and Text-Based Interviews

Once we have gathered their information, it's time for the final verdict. Below-mentioned is a fair comparison between them and finally highlights the one that has the most valuable strength over the other.

HeyMilo Sapia.ai
Interview Process
More engaging and communicative real-time voice interviews based on candidate responses and assessment results Specializes in conducting text-based interviews by offering structured written assessments that they must complete independently
Analysis Criteria
The whole analysis of the interview process is automated, and the score is generated by going through different metrics. Its analysis is also based on automation but mainly on language signals to assess candidates' responses
HeyMilo specializes in giving a bias-free score and selecting candidates based on their assessment results. It eliminates the factor of audio and visual signals, which automatically reduces the chance of any bias
Time and Effort
It eliminates the traditional manual process by conducting dynamic and real-time voice interviews, saving time and effort. It offers time-consuming automation, especially during shortlisting and scheduling

How HeyMilo Works

In a recent customer feedback survey, HeyMilo’s Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score reached an impressive 96%, demonstrating the advancements that AI technologies have made in the recruiting space.

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