How HeyMilo Enhanced Intershop’s Ability to Interview Candidates by 300x

See how HeyMilo revolutionized Intershop's recruitment process by enabling a 300% increase in candidate interviews, transforming hiring efficiency and candidate engagement with its dynamic, two-way conversational AI platform.
Rachel Valentino
June 21, 2024
How HeyMilo Enhanced Intershop’s Ability to Interview Candidates by 300x

Intershop is a specialized e-commerce platform designed for leading manufacturers and wholesalers. It provides businesses with the necessary tools and technologies to digitize their operations, helping them thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

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Intershop's Recruitment Challenges

With a short-handed recruiting team and a surge in hiring demands, the company's hiring managers were allocating up to three hours each day to screen candidates and schedule interviews. Despite this, only 4.8% of candidates were being effectively screened and interviewed. Consequently, this method failed to adequately consider hundreds of potential applicants, highlighting the need for advanced candidate screening and AI interview tools.

Intershop's recruitment challenges: With a short-handed recruiting team and a surge in hiring demands, only 4.8% of candidates were effectively screened and interviewed, highlighting the need for efficient hiring solutions like HeyMilo AI

Discovering HeyMilo

In search of a tool to streamline the recruitment process and enable hiring managers to interview a larger percentage of candidates efficiently, Trent Lawson - a hiring manager at Intershop, evaluated several automated candidate screening platforms. However, these platforms couldn't gather accurate details about the candidates based on their responses or effectively assess the technical and soft skills that were required for the position.

In contrast, HeyMilo offered a dynamic two-way conversational AI interview tool, allowing for tailored questioning that adapted to each candidate based on their responses and the question's directive. HeyMilo provided an executive summary of each candidate's potential promptly after the interview as well as an in-depth evaluation transparently showing how the AI came to its conclusion. This interview tool also functions seamlessly with existing ATS systems and ATS software, making it a comprehensive solution for high volume recruiting.

HeyMilo’s Impact on Intershop’s Recruitment Efforts

HeyMilo enabled Intershop to expand its ability to consider more potential candidates dramatically, allowing for a shift from managing just one role at a time to handling three roles simultaneously and increasing the number of candidates interviewed per role by 300 percent. This has ensured that every applicant can be fairly considered. The expansion has not only slashed the time hiring managers spend on candidate reviews from as much as three hours daily to just under ten minutes but it has also allowed the hiring manager to speak to the candidates who would have been otherwise excluded by the manual review process. By integrating AI for interviews, HeyMilo has revolutionized recruitment automation.

HeyMilo's impact on company hiring processes: 3X hires made, 100X candidates interviewed per role, 3 hours saved per day per hiring manager.

4.6/5 average candidate satisfaction score in interviews with HeyMilo.

Candidate Satisfaction Interviewing with HeyMilo

Building on these improvements, HeyMilo has also significantly enhanced candidate satisfaction by allowing candidates to interview at a time that’s suitable for them. Furthermore, candidates have noted their satisfaction with displaying their skills beyond what they could simply put down on a resume/CV and how impressed they were with the two-way conversational capabilities. The implementation of an AI personality has made the interview process more engaging and efficient for candidates, contributing to a positive hiring experience.

Future Plans with HeyMilo

Driven by their positive results, Intershop is preparing to launch HeyMilo on a global scale, hosting internal sessions to drive adoption across their regional locations. The use of HeyMilo’s AI interview tool has transformed their hiring process, making it more efficient and candidate-friendly. With HeyMilo's AI personality and data-driven insights features ensure that the entire hiring process, from initial candidate screening to final assessment, is streamlined and effective.